The History Of Janton Engineering Works

Janton Engineering Works was started in a garage in Wright Park, Springs by 2 brothers, Jan and Tony Schaap. Soon the garage became too small and in 1966, the brothers moved into a little workshop in Geduld Extension, Springs. 
Jan decided to move back to the Netherlands and Tony carried on with the business. Soon he had ARMSCOR, Union Carriage, Boart Hard Metals, Van Leer and a few smaller Companies for customers. 

The Business grew and soon they had to move on to bigger premises in Nuffield, Springs. 

Tony’s eldest son, Martin joined the Company in 1987 after completing his Toolmaker’s Apprenticeship. 

In 1996 Martin took over the Company when Tony passed away. At this time, Martin started replacing the machinery with CNC’s and Janton went from strength to strength once again. At this stage, some of our customers were DENEL Land Systems, David Brown, Alfa International, Vanda, Le Cell, Hausler Instrumentation, Widney, Imfuyo Projects, Boart International and Trident Steel. 

Janton was instrumental in developing bonding machinery for Trico, a company that manufactured the new age wiper blades for vehicles and also in developing a revolutionary new holder for cutting and polishing diamonds for the Canadian Government. The Company also assisted in the development of various new products developed by DENEL.
When Martin passed away in 2009, his wife, Louise took over the Company and in February 2011 the Company relocated to larger premises. 

At present Janton is producing high precision components to DENEL Land Systems for the SS 77  7,62mm General Purpose Machine Gun, Mini SS 5.56mm Light Machine Gun, GLI - 40 AGL (Auto Grenade Launcher),  R4, AV8 and Hoefyster. 

The Future Of Janton Engineering Works

Janton is striving to maintain its Preferred  Supplier Status with Denel. We would also like to be considered as a supplier to the PRASA factory that is being built in our area.